Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the scheme?

Simply click on the Donate Now tab and follow the instructions.

Can I give to ANY charity?

Yes. Any registered charity or charitable organisation approved by the Charity Agency can receive money in this way. Here are some suggestions.

Can I give to more than one charity?

Yes, certainly. You can give to as many charities as you wish with only one deduction from your salary. Each charity receives the tax benefit too.

Is there a minimum/maximum amount I can pledge?

There is no limit to the amount that you can give. We do suggest that you give at least £5 per month. See How It Works for a table showing how much your charity receives relating to your tax band.

I am a higher tax payer, how much tax benefit do I get?

The tax benefit you receive is in accordance to the amount of tax you pay, if you donate £5 per month it actually costs you 40% less, so £3, or if you pay 45% tax, £2.75. If you are a higher tax payer (40% or 45%) Payroll Giving is the only way you can give to charity and receive your full tax benefit.

What’s the difference between Payroll Giving and Direct Debit/Gift Aid?

Payroll Giving comes directly from your gross pay (pre-tax), where as a Direct Debit to a charity is taken from your bank account. With Payroll Giving charities automatically receive the tax advantage, but with Direct Debit donations they have to claim back the tax (know as Gift Aid), often causing large admin bills. If you are a higher tax payer (40% or 45%) Payroll Giving is the only way you can give to charity and benefit from full tax relief.

Can I change the charity I am supporting?

Yes. Simply fill out a “Donate Now” form on our secure web page and select the change charity option on the form.

How long can I give to my charity for in this way?

That is entirely up to you. Your company’s payroll department will continue to deduct your donations until you instruct otherwise.

How do I stop my donations?

To stop any donations contact your payroll department.

What if I leave the company I am working for?

Payroll Giving automatically stops when you leave your job. If you move to another company you can fill out a “Donate Now” Form from our secure web page and we can set up another donation from your new salary.

Will my charity receive my entire donation?

They will receive your entire donation minus the payroll giving agency administration fee. However, some companies pay all of the administration fees so your charity receives all of your pledge. Contact your HR department to find out whether or not your company pays the admin.

How does my charity receive the money?

Your company is registered with a payroll giving agency, which is approved by HMRC. On a monthly basis your company either pays by a cheque or through Banking Automated Clearing System (BACS) for the total amount of donations from all employees to the payroll giving agency. They then distribute the monies to the relevant charity after a very small administration charge has been applied, however this might be paid by your employer.

How do I know that my donation will reach the charity I have chosen?

The deduction is shown on your pay slip, normally as “Payroll Giving” or “G.A.Y.E”. Your employer has a signed contract with the Payroll Giving Agency who distributes the money to your chosen charity, these agencies are approved and monitored by HMRC.

The form you fill in is sent to your company's payroll department, so they know how much to deduct from your salary. Another copy is sent to the Payroll Agency meaning when they receive your donation they know which charity to send it to. A copy is then sent to your chosen charity allowing them to write and thank you and keep you up to date with their campaigns if you so wish. We can only guarantee a thank you from the charities represented by Hands On.

After I have filled out a donation form, how long will it be until it is deducted from my pay?

Generally donations take about 3 - 6 weeks to process, so expect money to start coming out of your pay around a month after you filled in the form. The deductions will be shown on your payslip so you will know when your donation has commenced.

Is there an administration charge?

Yes. The Payroll Giving Agencies are charities (in their own right) that need to make a small charge to cover their operating costs. Some employers pay this fee, meaning your charity receives the full donation. If your employer doesn't pay the fee, the Payroll Giving Agency will deduct it from your donation before passing it on to the charity. This is between a 2% and 4% charge. Charities have confirmed that this is more favourable than the admin costs they incur in claiming Gift Aid on a Direct Debit donation.

How is Hands On Helping funded?

We are paid a one off fee by the charities we represent only when we recruit a donor for them. This money comes from a pre-allocated fundraising budget and NOT from donations made through a Hands On Helping Payroll Giving Scheme.

What is Give as You Earn?

Find out all about Give As You Earn (GAYE)

What’s the difference between Payroll Giving and Workplace Giving?

Nothing. Workplace Giving is simply another name for giving to charity through your pay.

I have more questions, how do I contact you?

Contact Us on 01433 621882 or email

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