Getting Involved

Support from you, as an employer of your Payroll Giving Scheme will increase its credibility and show an investment in your employee’s interests and beliefs. There are many ways to encourage your staff to join, here are a few ways for you to boost participation:


Our free promotions will, no doubt increase the awareness of your Payroll Giving Scheme and also give your staff the opportunity to join and give to any charity they wish. Our experienced presenters can give information and answer any questions your employees may have. We can tailor make a campaign to suit your business environment and set up, as well as provide free branded materials for you. Read our Case Studies for testimonials from the companies we currently work with. Contact Us to formulate a plan of action!

Pay Admin

Show your support of the scheme and of your employee’s generosity by paying the administration costs that your Payroll Giving Agency charges, meaning every penny your employees donate goes to their chosen good cause. This is 2-4% of your employee’s donation, and can be added to the monthly sum being sent by payroll to your Payroll Giving Agency.

Match Give

Offer to give the same amount as your employees over a specific time; you can always specify this to go to the same charity as your employees, or a corporate charity. You can either set a budget or cap with a monthly limit.


You can opt to increase any donations your staff make by a certain percentage, say 20%, meaning their chosen charity gets more.


Why not give a little too? Make a one off donation, when your employees decide to give, to the charity they choose.

Quite Simply...

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  • Getting Involved

    How you can increase participation in your Payroll Giving Scheme, and how you can help.

  • Getting Rewarded

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