Case Studies

Home Retail Group

Home Retail Group was the first large retailer in 2012 to be awarded the newly released Platinum Quality Mark; the award recognises employers continuing dedication to Payroll Giving. Home Retail previously led the way, achieving the Gold Quality Mark in 2005 and every year since for having more than 10% of employees giving.

Regular promotions throughout the business, the company's commitment to the payment of administration costs and match funding and the commended Xtra Factor initiative that sees employees’ donations automatically increased by 4% each year in line with inflation, have been their building blocks of success. We continue regular promotions to all stores throughout the UK and take a flexible approach to ensure no disruption is caused to working environments.

Ceri Wotton, Colleague and Community Affairs Manager said:

“Our colleagues continue to be avid supporters of the scheme and we are delighted to be able to match their donations to a wide range of charities. We are incredibly pleased to have been awarded the Platinum Quality Mark, especially in the year that Payroll Giving is celebrating 25 years. Hands On Helping have been instrumental in assisting us to reach this goal - they ensure our scheme is properly promoted to all colleagues and deliver a great service. I would recommend them to any company wishing to engage its employees in Payroll Giving.”

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Capita already had a Payroll Giving Scheme when we started working with them 3 years ago, although less than 300 people had joined the scheme. We started promotions into all of their sites, including some high security ones, which needed special planning and co-ordination.

As Capita is the UK’s leading outsourcing company, there are several higher rate taxpayers, many of whom have been very thankful when we have drawn their attention to the fact that Payroll Giving is the only way in which they can give to charity and receive the full tax benefit- meaning their donation costs them 40-50% less!

Juliet Feeny, Corporate Responsibility Manager:
“As a company who are ever expanding, our Payroll Giving scheme has played a key part in supporting the charitable efforts of our employees. Hands On Helping have demonstrated great flexibility in visiting our many diverse sites to promote the scheme.”

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Marshalls Plc

Marshalls plc is the UK’s no.1 hard landscape transformation company and is the UK’s market leader in paving, decorative products for gardens, driveways and commercial hard landscaping. The Marshalls Group has over 2,700 employees operating at manufacturing sites, quarries, service centres and offices throughout the UK.

They have always been a forward looking company and in 1994 they introduced a Payroll Giving Scheme, which is administered by The Charities Trust, as a way for staff to support their favourite charity. The scheme really took off in 1995 when Marshalls engaged the services of Hands On Helping, a fundraising organization that promotes payroll giving in the work place.

Marshalls’ staff have now raised over £200,000 for charity since the scheme started.

Neil Davidson, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager said:
“We are delighted with the way our scheme has grown over the past ten years, last year we received the Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark, the highest accolade a company can obtain for having over 10% of its work force participating in the scheme, we would recommend the scheme to other companies as it is very easy to administer and promote.”

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T-Mobile UK

In 2006 T-Mobile UK launched a new community investment programme with input from employees on how they wanted to support causes that are important to them.

As a result, the T-Mobile ‘Give a little…change a lot’ scheme continues to include Give As You Earn (GAYE) as one option for employees. It’s an easy way for staff to donate to charities directly from their pay each month.

Allison Murray, Corporate Responsibility Manager T-Mobile UK said:
“Since 2000 we’ve worked with Hands On, who have actively promoted Give as You Earn to our employees across the UK. We are very pleased with the way our scheme has grown over the years. They have been very effective in engaging our staff in payroll giving and made the scheme easy for us to implement and run.”

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Morrisons Plc

Morrisons originally inherited a health Payroll Giving Scheme with the Safeway chain in 2004. The scheme was adopted throughout the Morrisons and has seen sustainable growth with over 8,000 colleagues now giving more than half a million pounds every year.

“Morrisons PLC is delighted to support Payroll Giving; we see this as a key flexible benefit and are pleased so many of our colleagues choose to utilise it to give to good causes. Hands On Helping assist us greatly with the promotion of the scheme, their advisors speak to colleagues in a respectful, professional manner and are always mindful of our working environments.”

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Debenhams Plc

Nikki Zamblera, HR Director
"Debenhams have been working with Hands On Helping since 1999; supporting the Give As You Earn Scheme. We now have around 6% of Debenhams employees donating a total of over £96,000 each year to charities of their choice. We are happy to support this worthwhile ‘easy to administer’ scheme."

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